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Welcome to our site, we are the real local native people who were born and raised in Rinjani national park area.

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group cleaning

every time we have the opportunity to climb with you, together we will collect trash scattered along the way as much as possible.

Leave No Trash

We can start with this positive thing from ourselves by leaving nothing on Mount Rinjani other than footprints

Nature lovers

Wise climbers will not destroy nature by picking flowers, destroying plants and doing things that can damage the environment in the national park area

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Even though we focus on reducing pollution in Rinjani, we don't forget our role as a trekking organizer that provides our best service for you.

Mount Rinjani is one of the most amazing natural heritages, it has green and beautiful tropical rainforests and various types of flora and fauna. Mount Rinjani also has a unique topography where the results of its eruption in ancient times produced a giant caldera with an area of ​​22 km, then in the middle of the caldera a beautiful small volcano and a large crater lake appeared.

rinjani cleaning
rinjani cleaning

Recently Mount Rinjani has become very popular and has brought new problems because of the large number of local and foreign visitors, some of them are irresponsible and cause environmental damage by leaving trash behind.

We as local residents who live in the Mount Rinjani National Park area have an obligation to make Mount Rinjani as beautiful as before, even though sometimes we are overwhelmed by the volume of waste that is out of control. But with togetherness everything will feel easier, if you think this is the thing to do, then start planning your trip with us right now.

Together, we can plan a better life for the next generation by doing these little steps!

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Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Mount Rinjani is located on the Island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia with height of 3726 meters above sea level

Based on active volcanoes, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci.
but based on the highest peak, Mount Rinjani is the third after Carstenszs Pyramid (4,884 masl) and Mount Kerinci (3,805 masl) in Sumatra

Mount Rinjani itself is included in the national park area which has an area of ​​413.3 km² consisting of tropical rainforests and barren mountains.

Mount Rinjani History

The Great Samalas

Mount Rinjani was previously an ancient mountain named Samalas which erupted violently and caused a global disaster in 1257-1258, based on the Volcanic Explosivity Index, this eruption is estimated to be 7 (8 times more powerful than the eruption of Mount Krakatau) making it one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the Holocene period.

mount rinjani lombok indonesia
Rinjani Eruption History

Before the big eruption, Mount Samalas was estimated to be as high as 4200 meters above sea level and was also called the old Mount Rinjani. But after the eruption, its height became 3726 meters

Mount Rinjani Biodiversity

Flora & Fauna

Mount Rinjani National Park has a variety of flora, including; nettle (Laportea Stimulans), Dedurenan (Aglaea Argentea), Bayur (Pterospermum Javanicum), banyan (Ficus Benjamina), guava (Syzygium sp), keruing (Dipterocarpus Hasseltii), rerau (D. Imbricatus), mountain cypress (Casuarina Junghuniana ), edelweiss (Anaphalis Javanica) and several types of endemic forest orchids, namely Perisstylus Rinjaniensis and P.Lombokensis.

Meanwhile, the variety of fauna owned by TNGR includes; Rinjani civet (Paradoxurus Hemaprhoditus Rinjanicus), deer (Muntiacus Muntjak Nainggolani), bird monkey (Trachypithecus auratus kohlbruggei), anteater (Manis Javanicus), horned cikukua bird (Philemon Buceroides Neglectus), Dawah Hutan (Ducula Lacernulata Sasakensis), Black-horned Oryola ( Oriolus Chinensis Broderipii) and several types of reptiles plus a number of types of freshwater fish that live in Lake Segara Anak, among others; Mujair and Karper.(*)

Official Hiking Trails

Mount Rinjani climbing entrance

There are 6 official entrances on several sides of the national park but 3 of them do not have access to the main peak, the entrance to Rinjani from Tetebatu, Aik Berik and Timbanuh. Meanwhile, those with access to the main peaks include Senaru, Sembalun and Torean

rinjani trek map
rinjani trek map

The hiking trails of Senaru, Torean and Sembalun are connected to each other as shown above, but most climbers choose to start from Sembalun or Senaru then end at Torean.

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