Rinjani Trek 2D1N Summit

Rinjani Trek 2D1N Summit – Starting from Sembalun Village on the first day at 1156 m to the campsite at 2639 m, then heading to summit 3726 on the second day and back through the same way
Rinjani Trek 2D1N Summit
Rinjani Trek 2D1N Summit


DAY 0 - The arrival day

  • Pick up at a confirmed location (airport, Senggigi, Mataram city, Lembar harbor, Bangsal Harbour, Kuta)
  • Driving to Senaru Village (600 m) for staying a night before trekking
  • If you arrive at Senaru before 3 pm (sunset at 6 pm), our guide will invite you to explore the Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls
  • Meet with the team after dinner around 7 pm for a briefing

DAY 1 - Sembalun crater campsite 2639 m

we will walk 9 km from an altitude of 1156 to 2639 masl for approximately 8 hours

  • Wake up around 6 am for breakfast
  • Drive 40 minutes to Sembalun village (1156 m), which is the entrance gate
  • After registering the tickets, start walking from Sembalun village (1156 m) heading to pos 1 (1300 m), the distance is 3.7 km
  • After taking a quick break at pos 1, continue walking 1.4 km to post 2 (1500 m), here you will rest longer to enjoy lunch
  • After lunch, continue walking 1,7 km to pos 3 (1800 m)
  • Then 2.2 km from post 3 (1800 m) to the campsite (2639 m) over a steep track

DAY 2 - Summit 3726 m

walk for 16,6 km (uphill 3,8 km & downhill 12,8 km)

  • We will wake up for a light breakfast at 2am
  • After getting ready, we will start climbing around 3 am from the campsite (2639 m) to the top (3726 m) for approximately 3 hours, to catch the sunrise at 6 am, The distance between the campsite and the top is 3,8 km
  • After enjoying the sunrise, we will return to the camp via the same track and then get the second breakfast 
  • After breakfast we will leave the camp and walk down to where we started the climb (passing the same track as the first day of the climb)
  • Lunch will be prepared at post 2 like the first day
  • When you arrive at the finish point, the driver is waiting and ready to take you back to Senaru village
  • After picking up your luggage at Senaru Village, we will drive you to your requested destination

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