Rinjani Trekking Organizer

Who We Are

Welcome nature lovers, we are fighters for a better future for Rinjani. Official Rinjani Trek is a local community founded recently to protect Mount Rinjani from damage by climbers who are not responsible for their waste. Depending on your support, we exist as a solution for Mount Rinjani to be better in the next few years, especially for environmental issues

What We Do

Leave No Trash

We can start with this positive thing from ourselves by leaving nothing on Mount Rinjani other than footprints

group cleaning

every time we have the opportunity to climb with you, together we will collect trash scattered along the way as much as possible.

Nature lovers

Wise climbers will not destroy nature by picking flowers, destroying plants and doing things that can damage the environment in the national park area

Best Services

Even though we focus on reducing pollution in Rinjani, we don't forget our role as a trekking organizer that provides our best service for you.

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